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Yoga dates back to ancient times. Nowadays, it is loved and practiced by plenty of people across the globe due to various reasons. Although yoga is a popular form of exercise and relaxation, these are not the only goals that can be achieved through it. In fact, yoga can improve your health and make you feel more self-possessed. Moreover, it is one of the most sparing ways to lose weight. If you are ready to start practicing yoga right now, you have come to the right place. We are happy to welcome you to our new online store: at http://yogandala.com/, you will discover the richest collection of yoga-related items you could ever imagine.

In our shop, you will find yoga apparel for men (tops, bottoms, apparel sets, socks and gloves), women (tops, bottoms, apparel sets, socks and gloves), and kids, yoga accessories (head bands, bottles, towels and blankets, jewelry), yoga gear (yoga mats, yoga blocks, balls, rings, and swings, straps and belts, sand bags, massagers), home and wellness products, meditation items (aroma lamps and diffusers, essential oils, incense, incense burners, and ambience items (canvas prints, lights and lightning, singing bowls, tapestry and cushions, wall art).

If you are still in doubt whether you should start practicing yoga right now, here are some reasons that may convince you:

  1. You will start to breathe better. Pranayama (that’s the name of breathing in yoga) teaches you to control your breathing.
  2. Your blood circulation will improve and your heart will get stronger. Since your body gets more oxygen, your blood starts moving more rapidly through the body. Even if you do light exercises you strengthen your heart considerably because of the increased oxygen uptake, which reduces resting heart rate.
  3. Your body will become enduring. Asana (yogic postures) require involving every single muscle of your body, thus, they become much stronger than before. A
  4. You will get more flexible. It’s evident that most of the positions in yoga require flexibility. You have to stretch all the parts of your body and increase your range of motion for different kinds of postures. Yoga also affects the alignment of your body, because it strengthens not only its muscles but also its joints.
  5. You learn to reduce your pain. It’s been proven that meditation and postures can relieve people from all kinds of pain caused by cancer, immune diseases, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension and even emotional stress.

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